Do you wanna work with us?

We want to make people laugh!

We do it by making silly comedy games, being original and taking chances.

Currently we are 17 people, 6 different nationalities and the language is English.
The job is on-site at our nice office in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark.

Open to both mid and senior applications and are generally looking for people who are not like us and who will challenge us and our way of doing things!

All jobs probably involve silly physics, experiments, bad jokes, stupid ideas, and failed prototypes. We work in Unity and almost everyone works in-editor and very hands-on, also if you do design, audio or animation.



Technical Artist with a focus on pipeline and tools View

Build Engineer View

Platform Programmer View

Systems Programmer View

Test Automation Engineer View

Senior VR Game Developer View

Internship View

We are not looking for anyone specific and don't take many interns.
So far we've only had 4 interns and hired 50% afterwards - they still work here.
It needs to be a minimum of 3 months for it to make sense for us. We get a lot of applications so expect a little slow reply time.
In the past it's all been connected to studies at universities or job programs.

Recently filled positions

Tools Programmer
Senior Gameplay Programmer
Gameplay Designer

3D artist


Applying for jobs is a stressful process and we’ll do our best to be transparent and nice.
We will ask you for some stuff, but you should also asks us about stuff. It needs to work for both of us.

We are generally looking for people who are not like us and who will challenge us and our way of doing things!
We are looking for the right fit for the team so there’s no immediate deadline on any of the job postings.

  • 1:  📧   You apply using the form in the job listing above
  • 2:  💬   We review it, and regardless of the outcome, we’ll try to reply within two weeks
  • 3:  👋   1st Interview. Pick the format that works best for you: Online or at the office
  • 4:  🤝   2nd Interview: At the office in Copenhagen (we'll cover travel expenses if needed)

What we bring:

  • 37 hours of work per week
  • A non-competetive environment where failure is part of the success
  • You get to be part of shaping new projects and the studio
  • Quite silly projects
  • Lunch included (also vegetarian/vegan options)
  • Paid parental leave
  • Very nice colleagues
  • Competitive salary fitting qualifications


You probably have some questions, if they're about golf we can't help you.

  • What are the working hours?
  • The majority of people work 10:00 - 17:00, but it's flextime and some shift it to earlier. For example to fit their kids schedule.
  • I’m not in Copenhagen, can I apply?
  • Sure, but the job is on-site in Copenhagen. We know very little about reloaction and don't have a fixed solution/package yet, but maybe we can learn.
  • Can I apply for remote work?
  • We currently can't offer 100% remote positions.
  • Can I apply for part-time even though it says full-time?
  • Sure, we can have a look at it.
  • Is the office wheel-chair accessible?
  • Yes.
  • Some funny question?
  • Hahahahaha.
  • I can start in N months, does that make sense?
  • Yes! We’re looking for the right people, so N months doesn’t matter
  • I already have a job, but is looking for something new?
  • Perfect! We'll be discreet.