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Thank you for visiting! Triband is a game studio based in Copenhagen.

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We are currently promoting our tribute to the keyboard: Keyboard Sports

Who is Triband?

Triband was founded in 2015 by Tim, Peter, and Rune.

Tim Garbos (b. 1987) is from Frederiksværk. When Tim was a kid he dreamt of becoming a captain on a small boat. Today he is a game developer. At Triband Tim: is creative director, designs, codes and drinks mineral water with bubbles. Follow Tim on twitter.

Peter Bruun (b. 1980) is from a small village called Diernæs near Faaborg on the Danish island Funen. Peter moved to Copenhagen in 2000 and today Diernæs has 296 inhabitants (including Peters parents). At Triband Peter: is CEO, designs, codes and looks at spreadsheets while tapping his foot to classical music. Follow Peter on twitter.

Rune K. Drewsen (b. 1976) is from Østerbro in Copenhagen. Rune never had a tree house. At Triband Rune: is COO, talk to press people, draws strange characters and DJs. Follow Rune on twitter.

Lasse Astrup Jørgensen (b. 1987) is from Silkeborg. Because of his strong background in something called computer science, Lasse is capable of writing text that machines somehow can understand. Follow Lasse on twitter and check out this game he made before joining the Triband team.

Óscar Losada (b. 1992) is from Madrid, Spain. Óscar does gameplay programming and plays the trumpet. If he were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one piece of sheet music it would probably something by Rachmaninoff. Follow Óscar on twitter.


Keyboard Sports - the final tribute

From a world where new input devices are invented every day comes a game based on only one: the keyboard. This game will never be available on Xbox One, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 4, iOS or Android.

Click to visit keyboardsports.com

That Selfie Game

We are making an app which lets you do something and when you have done that you can send something to you friends. When your friends receive that thing they also have to do something and then they can send it back to you. And it's all a big social metagame. The game won Most Innovative Game award at Casual Connect in Amsterdam 2016.

Suck My Rainbow

Triband loves experiments and this was our entry for Alt.CTRL.GDC 2016.
Thanks to Alt.CTRL.GDC - we hope to see you again soon and sorry if it sucked...

Reptilicus VR

A social VR game based on first danish monster movie Reptilicus from 1961. The game is be played with VR goggles and controlled using the Salto suit developed by our friends at Rokoko.

Click this link to visit the official Reptilicus VR website for more information or follow the project on twitter.

We are hiring

We are expanding yay! Wanna be friends?

Open positions:

- Programmer
- Gameplay designer

We are always interested in the right person so feel free to poke us even if you don't fit one of the positions mentioned above.

Contact us

We would love to talk to you. Please drop us a line using electronic mail. Our address is hello@triband.net.

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Triband Production ApS
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